Tittel:  You and I (Svit fr P)
Plate:   Hoola Bandoola Export (1971)
Tekst:   Mikael Wiehe
Musik:   Mikael Wiehe

Alone in the whirling crowd
I felt you come near
Everyone cried so loud
that I hardly could hear
Bb                   F
when you whispered to me
C                      Dm 
go with me, I'm going home
Bb                     F
Suddenly I thought I knew you
But I can tell you
Bb      F       Eb    Bb   Dm
you and I will never fly together 

I wanted to hold your hand 
to make you feel good
I wanted to understand
as much as I could
And out into the night, babe 
you took me where we had to go
And all was winterwhite
But I can tell you, baby
you and I will never fly together

I didn't know any answers
and Id forgotten everything Id heard
And you didn't have 
any questions to ask
           Gm                        C
and so we walked along without a word

But then you began to speak 
as the night went away
You said that the sky was green 
and I was afraid
to loose what we had in common 
I wished I hadn't heard you right
I felt that your hand was gone 
when I was groping to get near you

And when you pointed to a place
Ive never known
and said, were home
   Dm               Am
I finally conceived 
Dm                           Am
what I'd refused to believe:
Gm                       Dm
everybody has to go searching 
on their own

And so I must say goodbye 
I have to go on
But out in the lonely nights
I know have to come
I'll often think about you 
''(my memory never lets me down)
But I have to go without you 
'cause I can tell you
you and I will never fly together
you and I will never fly together